From the classroom to the conference room,

 a holistic wellness practice can dramatically improve both the quality of work one produces and the quality of life one enjoys. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

12-month corporate contract 

1-hour block with 2x30 min meetings - virtual 

Slack workspace for all employees 

Calendly link: 10 min 1x1 convos for employees check-in

Self-study online program 


6-month corporate contract 

1-hour block with 2x30 min meetings - virtual 

Slack workspace for all employees 

Self-study online program 

3-month corporate contract 

1-hour block with 2x30 min meetings - virtual 

Slack workspace for all employees 

Quarterly check-ins with HR/office team 


Trial corporate contract 

1-hour block with 2x30 min meetings - virtual 

Send a recording of zoom to HR team + employees 

1x1 coaching 

1 hour weekly meetings 


Morning reminders

HW, resources, book recs, etc

Access to self-study program 

Recorded Meditations 

Realistic Self Care Course

A lot is going on in the world, and I know many of us are feeling heavy, overwhelmed, and stressed. Do you want to find a sensation of peace and calm amongst this busy world? In this Realistic Self Care course, we aim to change the way your mind processes adversity. I will help you manage the everyday stressors of life with simple, actionable tools. 


We will learn about formal and informal meditation practice so you can manage stress wherever you are. Molly's Micromeditation method, gratitude practices, and mindful moments are just a few of the informal practices. Meditation poems, sensation based meditations, and loving-kindness actions are all part of the foundational teachings within this course. Change the way your mind manages stress and adversity with Realistic Self Care.



Yoga and Movement

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes 

Lay the foundation for your practice by engaging in the fundamentals of Vinyasa flow; a yogic approach focused on coordinating movements of the body and the breath.  60 and 90-minute sessions available


Chair Yoga

Are they struggling to carve out studio time during the workweek? Chair yoga can be practiced in the comfort of one's workspace, making it the ideal solution for the desk-bound yogi. 60-minute sessions available


Reduce stress and anxiety in your work environment through meditation. Our workshops will engage your employees, increase productivity, and establish strong rapport amongst team members and disciplines.


Lead strong with a positive foundation. Our workshops will ground you to develop clearer communication, concentrations, and problems, solving. Learn to incorporate mindful meditation into your specific teaching environment. 


Exclusive support customized for you and your group—an intimate, deep dive into meditation and wellness are bringing you balance and connection. 


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